Working with Zebra Label Printers

How to work with zebra label printer?

If you are willing to buy a new label printer, it might be difficult to find out which printer is best for you and your needs. There are ranges of printers that are handy in the marketplaces or you can go online for further research. Even you can review the expert’s comments on currently available printers.

Well, being a supplier of barcode label printers and equipment in the USA, Adazon suggest that zebra label printer is the perfect solution for anyone who requires high-volume, compact printer that do not make you compromise on quality.

Zebra printers are very quick and efficient if they used correctly and are very durable and reliable if properly maintained. The zebra printer has a fixed resolution, which is determined strictly from the print-head that is installed. It can not be adjusted nor can it be changed.

Zebra label printers

The printer is capable to print zebra printer label from 2” per second up to 8” per second or more and it depends on model’s capacity. This speed is programmable through the printer driver or application.

If the labels are printed continuously without pausing and it seems that they are coming out slowly, then it might be some setting changes in the label program.

Unfortunately, we often hear that users face some problems regarding the print speed of the printer. So, to overcome such problems, some serious things that apparently affect the print speed of the printer and the user should look after these issues while working with Zebra label printers.

1) The printer speed value is set low by the user, printer driver or software.

2) Computer processing speed should be decided according to application like if multi-tasking or data processing speed will directly affected by the other applications.

3) It’s also depends on what is printing like, improper programming techniques can slow speed a lot.

At Adazon, we offer large selection in label printer or you can find out the list of categories in equipment category. We try to match the right products with the right service and application. We always try to provide the best solution that customers are looking for.


How to Make a Right Choice in Barcode Printers

Make a Right Choice in Barcode Printers

The right way to select the barcode printers is very important for any successful business. Such things are new in the market but they have become very important and are getting a place of an essential need to flourish a business in a right way. There are various companies which are offering barcode printers with the guarantee of a high class technology and fine quality but you need to open your eyes and make an effort to select the right choice in any situation to improve the condition of your business.


Few companies are providing barcode printers with the claim of lowest price ranges but you don’t need to trust them blindly. You can check their prices through the internet and compare them to get the right price amount that will sound the best deal in your planed budget. You should check the facilities that company is providing and the features which the barcode printer is offering.

Few companies offer the free demo as well; it can be one of the right ways to select the right model. You need to be very careful while making a final decision regarding dymo labels. All these steps are related to your business and you need to be very careful that in which way you can make a fair deal that would be fruitful for your business and you would not feel any over burden on your pocket. Such things are not very tricky but you should be smart enough to make a right choice so that you can give a new height to your business without any hassle. Business is not related with the high amount of capital investment. It is related with right and wise decisions as well and a best barcode printer is one of those right and wise decisions.

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Choose The Best Barcode Printer To Suite Best to Your Needs

Best Barcode Printers – How to Choose?

Barcode is system of coded scheme with thick and thin lines of encrypted data printed on labels, meaning some useful information and data for computer based management and mainly for billing and accounting purposes commercially.  Barcodes are decoded into meaningful data using special decoding scanners with relevant software used in it. These codes can either be generated or printed by the user at the site for small to medium applications and for industrial use or day to day bulk usage can be outsourced. However usage based barcode label printers are available in the market to match the application needs.


Barcode printers or thermal printers are available in the market along with the proper software for its use to generate the codes and printing on the labels. Depending on the needs of usage application different configurations of barcode printers are designed and sold in the market. A desktop printer or lower order industrial model may serve well for light duty, low volume label printing jobs. But high performance barcode printer model may be required for continuous printing in industrial environments. Printers of this type come with a simple label creating barcode software but for database driven label content creation jobs, then the basic software is to upgraded or one has to go for the appropriate software for the printer.

Zebra the Top Brand Label Printers:

Zebra manufactures and supplies variety of barcode printers, RFID printers, barcode labels, barcode ribbons and is leader in the barcode printing industry. Particularly in the category of label printing following models are marketed by Zebra Label Printers for variety of uses.

  • Desk Top & Card Printers – useful for small scale usages in malls and shops
  • High Performance – Suitable for high volume industrial environment
  • Industrial and Commercial – fit for use in ware house and inventory management applications
  • RFID Printers Encoders – mainly used in measurement based applications
  • Mobile Printers – comfortable label printers to be used while on the move.
  • Color Printers – Enables to print barcodes and matching images in color
  • Barcode Software – When the printer doesn’t support, this is to be installed and used.

Above printers are designed based on the type of applications used.