Working with Zebra Label Printers

How to work with zebra label printer?

If you are willing to buy a new label printer, it might be difficult to find out which printer is best for you and your needs. There are ranges of printers that are handy in the marketplaces or you can go online for further research. Even you can review the expert’s comments on currently available printers.

Well, being a supplier of barcode label printers and equipment in the USA, Adazon suggest that zebra label printer is the perfect solution for anyone who requires high-volume, compact printer that do not make you compromise on quality.

Zebra printers are very quick and efficient if they used correctly and are very durable and reliable if properly maintained. The zebra printer has a fixed resolution, which is determined strictly from the print-head that is installed. It can not be adjusted nor can it be changed.

Zebra label printers

The printer is capable to print zebra printer label from 2” per second up to 8” per second or more and it depends on model’s capacity. This speed is programmable through the printer driver or application.

If the labels are printed continuously without pausing and it seems that they are coming out slowly, then it might be some setting changes in the label program.

Unfortunately, we often hear that users face some problems regarding the print speed of the printer. So, to overcome such problems, some serious things that apparently affect the print speed of the printer and the user should look after these issues while working with Zebra label printers.

1) The printer speed value is set low by the user, printer driver or software.

2) Computer processing speed should be decided according to application like if multi-tasking or data processing speed will directly affected by the other applications.

3) It’s also depends on what is printing like, improper programming techniques can slow speed a lot.

At Adazon, we offer large selection in label printer or you can find out the list of categories in equipment category. We try to match the right products with the right service and application. We always try to provide the best solution that customers are looking for.


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